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Book Love

August 2010

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Book Love

New Directions and New Friends

The XY and I got back this afternoon from a trip upstate for his job interview. The interview went well, but they won't be able to get him into a training class until March (though they unofficially told him it'll probably be moved up to January). That's a long way off. We were basing our plans for the next couple months on moving. We didn't start anything yet because we knew the job may not come through, but for it to be so far off now... ew.

We're now contemplating our next move. Do we want to sit tight and wait for this to roll around or try to move on to something else? Our problem is really having too many options, which isn't a bad thing. We have been trying to set down some roots for the last couple years though and for it to continue to be pushed back is frustrating. So we're in brainstorm mode. Where do we want to go? What do we want to do?

In other news, I attended an insane, fast-paced #yalitchat night via Twitter (@AGypsyLove). It was a lot of fun and I met a lot of new people. Now that's where you meet some other writers for sure. I loved it. I'll be visiting often!

With all the traveling and keeping myself busy I've done this week, I'm still working on Oh.My.Gods. It's so good but I just keep losing time. If I'm not falling asleep by the time I finish working on the WIP later I'll try to read before bed. Must know what happens!